stashy stash

So thus far, I do not have all the polish. But one glorious day, I will.
My mad brain seems to want to organize my polishes by seasons, but my compulsive need to organize everything alphabetically and by brand has finally overpowered this whim. We don't even really have seasons in Southern California. Just loads of obnoxious sunshine with a week of rain in the middle of “winter”. I hope one day to photograph my Christmassy nails in front of a snow pile, but until that day comes, the only way you’ll be able to tell the passing of the days is by the date on my posts. Sorry. 
Obviously this is not something I follow religiously-it’s merely an attempt to assuage my jealousy of all the people in the world who get to have seasons. You jerks.

(Someday I'll get around to Google Doc-ing this list. Today is not that day.)

[*] Denotes a backup.
[**] Denotes 2 backups. I know, I know.
A Study in Polish I Do Post-Mortems

American Apparel Berry
American Apparel Butter
American Apparel Dynasty
American Apparel Manhattan Beach
American Apparel Passport Blue
American Apparel Summerland Beach

Anna Gorelova by Dance Legend Lebedushka
Anna Gorelova by Dance Legend Kot Baun (Cote Bayun)

Avon Crystal Calm
Avon Curtain Call
Avon Spellbound

Barielle Greenwich Village at Dawn
Barielle Lust

Borghese Milano Taupe*
Borghese Roma Scarlet

butter LONDON All Hail the Queen
butter LONDON Bit Faker
butter LONDON Bramble
butter LONDON Bumster
butter LONDON Dodgy Barnett
butter LONDON Jaffa
butter LONDON Lillibet's Jubilee
butter LONDON No More Waity, Katie
butter LONDON Poole
butter LONDON Saucy Jack
butter LONDON Silly Billy 
butter LONDON Stratford Honey Overcoat
butter LONDON Wallis

Cacique Sweet Pineapple

Catrice Walk in the Woods

Chanel Miami Peach*

China Glaze 5 Golden Rings
China Glaze Boho Blues
China Glaze Boundary of Memory
China Glaze But of Corpse
China Glaze Crimson
China Glaze Dancing and Prancing
China Glaze Dashboard Dreamer
China Glaze Dorothy Who?
China Glaze Dress Me Up
China Glaze Emerald Sparkle**
China Glaze Exotic Encounters
China Glaze Fairy Dust
China Glaze Fast Track
China Glaze Foie Gras
China Glaze For Audrey
China Glaze Fortune Teller
China Glaze Get Outta My Space
China Glaze Getting to Gnaw You
China Glaze Glistening Snow
China Glaze Glittering Garland
China Glaze Harvest Moon
China Glaze Ick-a-Body
China Glaze Ingrid
China Glaze Inner Beauty
China Glaze Intelligence, Integrity, & Courage
China Glaze Keepin' It Teal
China Glaze Kinetic Candy
China Glaze Light as Air
China Glaze Liquid Leather
China Glaze Loco-Motive
China Glaze Luxe and Lush
China Glaze Meet Me Under the Stars
China Glaze Merry Berry
China Glaze Nude
China Glaze The Outer Edge
China Glaze Pack Lightly
China Glaze Phat Santa
China Glaze Party Hearty
China Glaze Pinking Out the Window
China Glaze Pine-ing For Glitter
China Glaze Release
China Glaze Rest in Pieces
China Glaze Rose Among Thorns
China Glaze Ruby Pumps
China Glaze Sand Dolla Make You Holla
China Glaze Sea Spray
China Glaze Sleeping Under the Stars
China Glaze Spring in my Step
China Glaze Tail Me Something
China Glaze Teal the Tide Turns
China Glaze Tinsel
China Glaze Wanderlust
China Glaze White Cap
China Glaze Wish on a Starfish

Ciate Apples and Custard
Ciate Burlesque
Ciate Cream Tea
Ciate Ivory Queen
Ciate Pepperminty
Ciate x Olivia Palermo Sundays

Cirque Coronation

Clio Nail Styler S212
Clio Nail Styler S309
Clio Nail Styler S313

Color Club Apollo Star
Color Club Bright Night
Color Club The Uptown (Original)
Color Club The Uptown (Reformulation)
Color Club Who Are You Wearing?
Color Club Williamsburg

Confetti Cherries Jubilee
Confetti Pink Paradise

Covergirl Red Revenge (Star Wars Collex.)
Covergirl Totally Tulip

Creative Nail Design Copper Shimmer
Creative Nail Design Flamingo
Creative Nail Design Flare
Creative Nail Design Tropic Coral

Cult Nails Seduction

Deborah Lippmann Believe
Deborah Lippmann Boom Boom Pow
Deborah Lippmann Cleopatra in New York
Deborah Lippmann Diamonds and Pearls
Deborah Lippmann Dirty Little Secret
Deborah Lippmann La Vie En Rose
Deborah Lippmann Lady is a Tramp
Deborah Lippmann No More Drama
Deborah Lippmann Today Was a Fairytale
Deborah Lippmann Waking Up in Vegas

Delux Beauty Fairybelle

essie a cut above
essie after school boy blazer
essie apres-chic
essie armed and ready
essie as gold as it gets
essie back in the limo
essie bahama mama
essie bangle jangle
essie best boyfriend
essie beyond cozy*
essie bikini so teeny
essie birthday suit
essie blanc
essie blossom dandy
essie bobbing for baubles
essie brides, no grooms
essie cabana boy
essie california coral
essie carousel coral
essie chillato
essie chinchilly
essie clutch me if you can
essie coat couture
essie coconut cove
essie cute as a button
essie da bush
essie dress to kilt
essie fashion playground
essie find me an oasis
essie frock 'n roll
essie getting groovy
essie go ginza
essie go go geisha
essie go with the flowy
essie haute tub
essie head mistress
essie hiking heels
essie hors d'oeuvres
essie hubby for dessert
essie ignite the night
essie in the lobby
essie jiggle hi, jiggle low
essie lapiz of luxury
essie licorice
essie like to be bad
essie lilacism
essie make the cut (gel couture)
essie maki me happy
essie master plan
essie maximillian strasse-her
essie minimalistic
essie mint candy apple
essie miss fancy pants
essie model clicks (gel couture)
essie muchi, muchi
essie no more film
essie partner in crime
essie parka perfect
essie peach daiquiri
essie peach side babe
essie petal pushers
essie pink glove service
essie play date
essie playing koi
essie power clutch
essie real simple
essie recessionista
essie rock at the top
essie rock the boat
essie russian roulette
essie saltwater happy
essie sand tropez
essie she's picture perfect
essie starry starry night (new version)
essie stones n' roses
essie style cartel
essie stylenomics
essie summit of style
essie sunday funday
essie sunset sneaks
essie take it outside
essie tart deco
essie the perfect cover up
essie toggle to the top
essie true love
essie truth or flare
essie tuck it In my tux
essie tying the knotie
essie urban jungle
essie van d'go
essie vanity fairest
essie very cranberry
essie virgin snow
essie who is the boss
essie wrap me up

Estee Lauder Black Wine

Finger Paints Art Nouveau Nectarine
Finger Paints Go Baroque
Finger Paints Ho Ho Happy Holidays
Finger Paints Oh My Gauche
Finger Paints Paint Me Happy
Finger Paints Santa's Little Topper
Finger Paints Stargazing Lilac

Formula X by Sephora Boiling Point
Formula X by Sephora Galaxy
Formula X by Sephora Glitter Rocket
Formula X by Sephora Remarkable

Gap Candy Apple

Hard Candy Jubilee

HARE Polish Dauphine of Decadence
HARE Polish Dog Day Dream
HARE Polish For Margot Tenenbaum
HARE Polish Hooky at the Hamlet
HARE Polish King of Carat Flowers
HARE Polish Let Them Eat...What?
HARE Polish Married to the Monarchy
HARE Polish Own Your Opulence
HARE Polish Return to Nature
HARE Polish Rococo Grandeur
HARE Polish The Teen Queen
HARE Polish What I Wore to the Revolution

Icing Starry Night

Illamasqua Rain Drops

Jenna Hipp Afterparty
Jenna Hipp Awards Season
Jenna Hipp Damage Control
Jenna Hipp Editor's Pick
Jenna Hipp Freshmaker
Jenna Hipp Hashtag
Jenna Hipp Hollywood Reporter
Jenna Hipp I Can Afford It
Jenna Hipp Look Hot Feel Cool
Jenna Hipp Private Getaway
Jenna Hipp Room Service
Jenna Hipp Tweet Me

Jesse's Girl JulieG

Jessica Luminous Lavender

Joan Rivers Beauty Velvet Kiss

JulieG Blueberry Fizz
JulieG Stiletto

Kleancolor Holo Blue
Kleancolor Pastel Blue
Kleancolor Pastel Orange
Kleancolor Sheer Peach
Kleancolor TLC

LA Splash Conch Cocoa

L'Oreal  Aux Chandelles
L'Oreal Blake's Red
L'Oreal Caution Please
L'Oreal Club Prive
L'Oreal Diamond in the Rough
L'Oreal Doutzen's Nude
L'Oreal Doutzen's Red
L'Oreal Eva's Nude
L'Oreal In with the Nude
L'Oreal Le Pastille
L'Oreal Masked Affair
L'Oreal Miss Luster-ess
L'Oreal Pop the Bubbles
L'Oreal Red-y to Shine?
L'Oreal Sexy in Sequins
L'Oreal Stroke of Midnight
L'Oreal Tangerine Crush
L'Oreal The Reign of Studs
L'Oreal The Statement Piece
L'Oreal Too Dimensional?

MAC Blissed Out
MAC Dark Angel
MAC Golded
MAC Love and Friendship
MAC Mistletoe
MAC Modern Movement
MAC Much Adored
MAC Screening Room
MAC Simply Swinging
MAC Style Tip
MAC Uninvited

Maybelline Banana Puddin'
Maybelline Fire Fly (2002 version)
Maybelline Pearl
Maybelline Tulip Tango
Maybelline Color Show An Old Flame
Maybelline Color Show Black Dust
Maybelline Color Show Clearly Spotted
Maybelline Color Show Coral Crush
Maybelline Color Show Coral Heat
Maybelline Color Show Corrupted Black
Maybelline Color Show Dotty
Maybelline Color Show In The Blush (The Blushed Nudes)
Maybelline Color Show Matte Black
Maybelline Color Show Mink Lust (The Blushed Nudes)
Maybelline Color Show Neutral Statement
Maybelline Color Show Patent Black
Maybelline Color Show Pearl Gem (The Blushed Nudes)
Maybelline Color Show Precious Pearl
Maybelline Color Show Pretty in Polka
Maybelline Color Show Rose Candy
Maybelline Color Show Smoky Black
Maybelline Color Show Twilight Rays

Milani Corrupted Coral
Milani Disco Lights
Milani Lavender Fizz
Milani Mint Crush
Milani Sardinia (Fierce Foils)

Misa Dance Fever
Misa Jasmine
Misa Love Bite

Nails Inc. Covent Garden Ballet
Nails Inc. Daisy Lane
Nails Inc. London Court
Nails Inc. Maida Vale
Nails Inc. Porchester Square
Nails Inc. Sheraton Street
Nails Inc. Sloane Square
Nails Inc. The Thames
Nails Inc. Victoria

Nfu Oh #61

Nicole by O.P.I. Alex By the Books
Nicole by O.P.I. Am I Making Myself Claire?
Nicole by O.P.I. Carrie'd Away
Nicole by O.P.I. DC Lover
Nicole by O.P.I. Goodbye Shoes
Nicole by O.P.I. I Shop Mintage
Nicole by O.P.I. I'll Have the Salmon
Nicole by O.P.I. Khloe Had a Little Lam Lam
Nicole by O.P.I. Kourt is Red-y for a Pedi
Nicole by O.P.I. Love Song
Nicole by O.P.I. One Big Happy Fame-ily
Nicole by O.P.I. Selena
Nicole by O.P.I. Smile for the Glam-era
Nicole by O.P.I. Southern Charm
Nicole by O.P.I. Sweet Daisy
Nicole by O.P.I.  Sweet Surrender
Nicole by O.P.I Paparazzi Don't Preach
Nicole by O.P.I. Yoga-Then-Yogurt

Nubar Black Polka Dot
Nubar Mod Aqua
Nubar White Polka Dot

NYC Hampton's Peach
NYC Skyline Blue
NYC Upper West Side

NYX French Out

O.P.I. Absolutely Alice
O.P.I. Act Your Beige!
O.P.I. All I Want for Christmas (is O.P.I.)
O.P.I. All Sparkly and Gold
O.P.I. AmazON...AmazOFF
O.P.I. Amster-damsel in Distress
O.P.I. Baby Please Come Home
O.P.I. Bare it in Trafalgar Square
O.P.I. Big Apple Red
O.P.I. Big Hair...Big Nails
O.P.I. Black Cherry Chutney
O.P.I. Bubble Bath
O.P.I. By the Light of the Moon
O.P.I. Cajun Shrimp
O.P.I. Care to Danse?
O.P.I. Chasing Rainbows
O.P.I. Center of the You-niverse
O.P.I. Chic From Ears to Tail
O.P.I. Chiffon My Mind
O.P.I. Chillin' Like a Villain
O.P.I. Christmas Gone Plaid
O.P.I. Comet Closer
O.P.I. Crown Me Already!
O.P.I. Dark Side of the Mood
O.P.I. Do You Take Lei Away?
O.P.I. Don't Bossa Nova Me Around
O.P.I. Don't Touch My Tutu!
O.P.I. DS Coronation
O.P.I. Emotions
O.P.I. Fashion a Bow
O.P.I. Funny Bunny
O.P.I. Give Me Moor!
O.P.I. Good Grief!
O.P.I. Got the Blues for Red
O.P.I. Guy Meets Gal-veston
O.P.I. Hey Baby
O.P.I. Honey Ryder
O.P.I. I Just Can't Cope-acabana
O.P.I. I Sao Paulo Over There
O.P.I. I'll Tinsel You In
O.P.I. Is Mai Tai Crooked?
O.P.I. In the Cablecar-pool Lane
O.P.I. It's Frosty Outside
O.P.I. Just Tea-sing
O.P.I. Let Them Eat Rice Cake
O.P.I. Let's Be Friends!
O.P.I. Let's Do Anything We Want!
O.P.I. Lincoln Park After Dark
O.P.I. Live and Let Die
O.P.I. Love.Angel.Music.Baby.
O.P.I. Make Light of the Situation
O.P.I. Malaga Wine
O.P.I. Manicurist of Seville
O.P.I. Mermaid's Tears
O.P.I. Midnight in Moscow
O.P.I. Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ
O.P.I. My Boyfriend Scales Walls
O.P.I. My Favorite Ornament
O.P.I. My Pointe Exactly
O.P.I. My Vampire is Buff
O.P.I. My Very First Knockwurst
O.P.I. O.P.I...Eurso Euro
O.P.I. Petal Soft
O.P.I. Pirouette My Whistle
O.P.I. Put It in Neutral
O.P.I. Red Red Rhine
O.P.I. Rumple's Wiggin'
O.P.I. Samoan Sand
O.P.I. Save Me
O.P.I. Skull & Glossbones
O.P.I. Small+Cute=<3 b="">
O.P.I. Sparrow Me the Drama
O.P.I. Speak For Your-elf!
O.P.I. Steady As She Rose
O.P.I. Strawberry Margarita
O.P.I. Super Star Status
O.P.I. Suzi's Hungary Again!
O.P.I. Sweet Heart
O.P.I. Taupe-less Beach
O.P.I. That's Hula-rious!
O.P.I. The Thrill of Brazil
O.P.I. This Gown Needs a Crown
O.P.I. This Silver's Mine!
O.P.I. Vesper
O.P.I. Vodka and Caviar
O.P.I. What Wizardry is This?
O.P.I. What's Your Point-settia?
O.P.I. Where's My Blanket???
O.P.I. Wonderous Star
O.P.I. Y'all Come Back Ya Hear?

O.P.I. You Callin' Me a Lyre?
O.P.I. You're Such a Budapest

Orly Artificial Sweetner
Orly Bon Bon
Orly Cake Pop
Orly Cheeky
Orly Cotton Candy
Orly Decades of Dysfunction
Orly First Kiss
Orly Frosting
Orly Galaxy Girl
Orly Goth
Orly Key Lime Twist
Orly Lollipop
Orly Love Each Other
Orly Luxe
Orly Meet Me Under the Mistletoe
Orly Nite Owl
Orly Peaceful Opposition
Orly Petit Four
Orly Pixie Powder
Orly Prelude to a Kiss
Orly Rage
Orly You're Blushing

Peripera GR309

Pretty Serious Undercover Mermaid

Pure Ice Laven-dare
Pure Ice Respeck
Pure Ice Twinkle

Rescue Beauty Lounge 360
Rescue Beauty Lounge As Sweet Companions
Rescue Beauty Lounge Better Than Boyfriend Jeans
Rescue Beauty Lounge Bicicletta
Rescue Beauty Lounge Bikini Bottom
Rescue Beauty Lounge Cerise Noire (Moulin Rouge)
Rescue Beauty Lounge Coquette
Rescue Beauty Lounge Ethereal
Rescue Beauty Lounge Forgiveness
Rescue Beauty Lounge Forgotten Road
Rescue Beauty Lounge Fortissimo
Rescue Beauty Lounge Gondoliere
Rescue Beauty Lounge Grunge
Rescue Beauty Lounge Jane
Rescue Beauty Lounge Killa Red
Rescue Beauty Lounge Locavore
Rescue Beauty Lounge Makeupwithdrawl
Rescue Beauty Lounge Many Splendors
Rescue Beauty Lounge Meow Meow
Rescue Beauty Lounge Mismas
Rescue Beauty Lounge Morning Light
Rescue Beauty Lounge Oh Slap!
Rescue Beauty Lounge Opaque Nude
Rescue Beauty Lounge Piu Mosso
Rescue Beauty Lounge Poco a Poco*
Rescue Beauty Lounge Recycle
Rescue Beauty Lounge Refined and Polished
Rescue Beauty Lounge Square Pants
Rescue Beauty Lounge Starfish Patrick
Rescue Beauty Lounge Stormy
Rescue Beauty Lounge Wild Raspberries Grow
Rescue Beauty Lounge Will They Won't They

Revlon Copa Sunset
Revlon Desire
Revlon Elusive
Revlon Gumdrop
Revlon Holographic Pearls
Revlon Knockout
Revlon Lilac Pastelle
Revlon Nude Nightie
Revlon Rich
Revlon Scandalous
Revlon Sizzling Coral
Revlon Socialite
Revlon Sophisticated
Revlon Victorian
Revlon Colorstay Blue Slate
Revlon Parfumerie African Tea Rose
Revlon Parfumerie Autumn Spice
Revlon Parfumerie China Flower
Revlon Parfumerie Ginger Melon
Revlon Parfumerie Italian Leather
Revlon Parfumerie Pink Pineapple
Revlon Streetwear Charming
Revlon Streetwear Chick
Revlon Streetwear Halo
Revlon Streetwear Prissy
Revlon Streetwear Serene
Revlon Streetwear Slip
Revlon Streetwear Spark
Revlon Streetwear Trick or Treat
Revlon Streetwear Witchy

Rimmel Chic Chick
Rimmel Hip Hop
Rimmel Mars
Rimmel Midnight Mistletoe
Rimmel New Romantic
Rimmel Reggae Splash
Rimmel Soul Session
Rimmel Tangello

Sally Hansen All Chalked Up
Sally Hansen Antiqued Gold
Sally Hansen B Girl
Sally Hansen Barracuda
Sally Hansen Berried Under
Sally Hansen Big Money
Sally Hansen Birthday Suit
Sally Hansen Blue-Away
Sally Hansen Bridal Bling
Sally Hansen Cha-Ching
Sally Hansen Cancer Moon
Sally Hansen Copper Penny
Sally Hansen Crochet 
Sally Hansen Cuteapillar
Sally Hansen Don't be Leotardy
Sally Hansen Eyelet
Sally Hansen Fanta-sea
Sally Hansen Fedora
Sally Hansen Femme Feather
Sally Hansen Forsythia
Sally Hansen Gentle Blossom
Sally Hansen Get Juiced
Sally Hansen Goldi-Flecks
Sally Hansen Hard Bitten
Sally Hansen Hard Cider
Sally Hansen Hi Ho Silver
Sally Hansen Intimate
Sally Hansen I Lilac You
Sally Hansen In Full Blue-m
Sally Hansen Jaded
Sally Hansen King of Shadows
Sally Hansen Malibu Peach
Sally Hansen Oriental Red
Sally Hansen Oyster Bar
Sally Hansen Peachy Breeze
Sally Hansen Petal Pusher
Sally Hansen Pink Rose Diamond
Sally Hansen Razzle Dazzler
Sally Hansen Rose Glass
Sally Hansen Ruffle
Sally Hansen Save the Date
Sally Hansen Set Sail
Sally Hansen Shake Shake
Sally Hansen Shoot the Moon
Sally Hansen Show Steel-er
Sally Hansen Solid Love
Sally Hansen Something Borrowed
Sally Hansen Something New
Sally Hansen Sweetie Pie
Sally Hansen You-gurt Style
Sally Hansen Vir-go-go Pink
Sally Hansen White Opal

Salon Perfect Cosmic Dust

Sephora by O.P.I. Be-Claws I Said So
Sephora by O.P.I. Cartwheels on the Catwalk
Sephora by O.P.I. Frankly, I Don't Give A-Dam
Sephora by O.P.I. Havana Dreams
Sephora by O.P.I. I Found a Pot of Gold!
Sephora by O.P.I. IM Beauty
Sephora by O.P.I. In a Flurry
Sephora by O.P.I. Keep Me on My Mistletoes
Sephora by O.P.I. Ocean Love Potion
Sephora by O.P.I. Sparktacular! Top Coat
Sephora by O.P.I. Sparkling Personality
Sephora by O.P.I. Under My Trenchcoat
Sephora by O.P.I. XOX Betsey

Sinful Colors Angelik
Sinful Colors Cinderella
Sinful Colors Flower Power
Sinful Colors Glass Pink
Sinful Colors Island Coral
Sinful Colors Kitty Pink
Sinful Colors Magik Touch
Sinful Colors Midnight Blue
Sinful Colors North Star
Sinful Colors Purple Diamond
Sinful Colors Rose Dust
Sinful Colors Shamrockin
Sinful Colors Soul Mate
Sinful Colors Splatter Spell

Tip Toe Gold Dust

Tru Tiki

Urban Outfitters Silver Holo

Wet n Wild (Spoiled Line) Black Mamba
Wet n Wild (Spoiled Line) The Parking Meteor Expired
Wet n Wild 2% Milk
Wet n Wild Blazed
Wet n Wild Creepy Pumpkin
Wet n Wild Ghouls Rush In
Wet n Wild Glow in the Dark
Wet n Wild I Red a Good Book
Wet n Wild Once Upon a Time
Wet n Wild Pink Sapphire
Wet n Wild Purple Potion

Winmax Gold Glitter
Winmax Pink Glitter

Zoya Bevin
Zoya Brittany
Zoya Caitlin
Zoya Elodie
Zoya Godiva
Zoya India
Zoya Jules
Zoya Julie
Zoya Juno
Zoya Kendal
Zoya Kristen
Zoya Leah
Zoya London
Zoya Maya
Zoya Miley
Zoya Nyx 
Zoya Portia
Zoya Rekha
Zoya Rue
Zoya Sansa
Zoya Sooki
Zoya Tiegen
Zoya Tomoko
Zoya Yuna
Zoya Zara

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