Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014: Bitter and Sweet.

This year has been the hardest one I've ever lived...physically, emotionally, and psychologically. I've developed more than my share of grey hair at 28 in almost losing the closest thing I have to a parent, and then through blood, sweat, and tears (quite literally) learning how to care for her in her partially paralyzed state. I can't even remember who I was or what I was like before all of this happened.

But in this change, I've garnered some hard-won knowledge. If I can make it through a year like this, I'm pretty sure I can make it through anything. I'm a sort of semi-functional human superhero. Only instead of saving cities from the terror of evil scientists or super-villains, I save my family.

And it hasn't all been bad. I've compiled a list of a few things that helped me make it though the year, and I even have a couple accomplishments under my belt.

In 2014...

1. I finally figured out how to take my various medications daily and on time. Revolutionary, I know. But it's made life exponentially easier for me. I've been using the Mango Health App on my phone and it's amazing. It's 100% free and you can input your medications, the times you need to take them, how many, color, shape, pill or capsule, etc. Plus, you receive rewards for perfect days. You rack up points and earn stuff like Starbucks or Target gift cards, or donations to various charities (I use my points to donate to the ASPCA). 

2. I got sucked, through no fault of my own, into Once Upon a Time...

I began in in October of 2013 at the urging of my bestie, and at first I could not even believe why she would want me to watch it. I had little to no experience with non-canon type shows and movies, but oh ye gods, was I missing out. It's rocketed to the top of my favorite shows list, and vies for favorite show with Doctor Who. And that's saying something. Another non-canon fairy tale that became my favorite movie this year? Maleficent. Oh my god, I loved it. 

3. Three words: PINK.NAIL.POLISH. 

A Study in Polish I Do Post-Mortems

Essie Go Ginza (with O.P.I. Pirouette My Whistle on top)

Finger Paints Paint Me Happy

O.P.I. My Very First Knockwurst

O.P.I. Let's Do Anything We Want! over O.P.I. Let Them Eat Rice Cake

O.P.I. Steady as She Rose

Rimmel New Romantic

Zoya Rue
I wore more pink polish this year than I think I've worn in my lifetime. These are only the pink manicures I documented this year, there were a whole slew I didn't post either because of time restraints, chipping, or just plain laziness. I know pink is about as unappreciated as red in the polish world right now, but I want to scream it from the rooftops: I LOVE PINK NAIL POLISH!

4. One of my favorite music artists is Sia, and she put out a dynamite album this year that I played to DEATH.

It's got much more of a pop feel to it, especially when you compare it to her past work. My favorite Sia album is Healing is Difficult, which has a definite funk/jazz undertone, but 1000 Forms of Fear might be my new favorite. It's just beautiful. If you've never heard Sia, you owe it to yourself to listen to some of her work. She's a phenomenal singer and artist. 

5. In trying to keep up with the rest of the world, I caved and bought an iPhone. Granted, it's only an iPhone 4, but it's MY iPhone 4. 
wearing Essie Bikini So Teeny
6. I went whale-watching. Didn't get pictures of whales, but did get a hilarious sunburn. 

And saw these flop around. 
7. Had a few 'favorite manis': 

My birthday mani: O.P.I. My Favorite Ornament, Wonderous Star, & Emotions

butter LONDON Dodgy Barnett

China Glaze Sea Spray & Essie Blanc

Cirque Coronation

Essie No More Film & Deborah Lippmann Diamonds and Pearls

Sephora Formula X Glitter Rocket

L'Oreal Reign of Studs

Nails Inc. Porchester Square

O.P.I. Got The Blues for Red
Orly Cheeky
Zoya Tomoko
8. I figured out what I want to do for the rest of my life. I want to teach. And I'm going back to school for a Masters in either Elementary Education or English Education.

Here's to 2015. I want to fill it with travelling. I want to go to fun places and take pictures with friends and start making memories. I want to get my masters and find a place teaching, and maybe even start researching different places to live in...England maybe. I sure as hell am not a California girl...the universe got that one pretty wrong. But whatever happens, I'm excited. I'm looking forward to a new year like never before. Good things must happen.

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