Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ruby Kisses #RNP 50

There are two things that don’t do this polish justice. First, that I don’t know its name. The only identifying label I could find on it was #RNP 50, and Google yielded nothing. Second, I was unable to capture the pretty goldy-green shimmer in it, so the pictures make it look a bit flat.

I received this as an extra in a care package from a very kind girl on Makeup Alley. It’s definitely an old polish, with that good ole ‘90’s formula and a stench of death. But’s it’s so lovely and flattering.

As best as I can make out, it walks the line between a pearly off-white and a pearly pale grey. In certain lights it can look more like one or the other, and all the while boasts gorgeous gold/green shimmer. It’s a very unobtrusive nail polish, probably boring by today’s standards, but I can’t get enough of it.

It does, however, come with its own set of problems. In addition to the overly-chemical smell (yeah, yeah I know, it’s nail polish), it takes FOREVER to dry. That’s to be expected with these old nail polishes. The trade off for that smooth creamy formula is an incredibly long dry time. I polished last night, took the pictures around two in the afternoon next day, and if I’m careless, the polish will dent. And I don’t have any high-speed top coat to help it dry. Ah well.

Now I’m off to turn the house upside down for my SPF 10000000000. It’s so hot and bright and horrible today.

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