Monday, July 7, 2014

Formula X Glitter Rocket

While I'm not sure I agree with the price tag, the Formula X polishes (the textures in particular) are pretty awesome. I picked up Glitter Rocket, because, you know...purple. 

The only other polish I have that is similar to this is Zoya Stevie, but by comparison, Glitter Rocket is lighter and a little more blue-based. It also has the sugary shimmer that Zoya has, but rather than uniform silver, it's pale gold, with green, pink, and violet shimmer interspersed throughout. It's basically magic. 

Zoya's formula is a little better though. Glitter Rocket began to gunk up on me a little by the third coat (you can see my thumb got a little mashed from slow drying), but it's not at all visible in real life. Plus the brush is great; it's nice and firm which you need with texture polishes. 

3 coats, no top coat. 

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