Saturday, July 12, 2014

O.P.I. DS Coronation

Today is a day for a holo, and I've been sitting on a really pretty one since I bought it back in February. The Korean market I like to frequent also has a makeup and skincare section, and a big rack of random O.P.I. polishes. I snapped up Coronation, along with a red and the Liquid Sand from the Oz collection. 

I read that people weren't very happy with Coronation when it came out in 2011. I guess holo ingredients were short then, and people really wanted those IN-YO-FACE holos. However, I'm a fan. I like my holos to be a bit soft around the edges, not blindingly linear. Coronation has a steely silver base, and a very mellow linear holo effect. It's perfect. 

The overall effect is rougher than butter LONDON Dodgy Barnett, which is the only other silver holo I have (I don't count Nfu Oh's #61 since I got one of the bum bottles), and definitely rougher than the Sally Hansen Nail Prisms (my very favorite holos to date-I used up bottles and bottles of those). 

*EDIT* I forgot I have Urban Outfitter's Silver Holo. It is MUCH more linear than either Dodgy Barnett or DS Coronation. 

It is sheer, however. I used four thin coats over Nfu Oh's aqua base to eliminate all the little bald spots. The effort is worth it though, when you see it in sunlight. Just lovely.