Monday, February 24, 2014

butter LONDON Dodgy Barnett

I am not the easiest person to watch sad/indie/uncomfortable movies with. I get VERY emotionally invested, I contradict the characters as if they can hear me, and if the movie doesn't go the way I want it to, I get angry. So when a movie is recommended to me, I have to tread very carefully. I have my tried and true favorites that I can watch over and over again (I basically wrote my thesis to Spirited Away) and they're safe because I know what emotions I'm going to feel and what's going to happen and there's nothing that can take me by surprise. Combine this with an ardent desire to watch new stuff, but being too afraid to watch the new stuff alone or when I'm in a certain mood because as I get older my movie/t.v. feels become more unhinged (i.e. I will cry. HARD.)...

Luckily, my best friend is resigned to this fact and recommends stuff to me and when I get around to it, I send her texts at three in the morning while sobbing uncontrollably about why this character had to die, etc. Also (and I have no idea how I got this lucky) my boyfriend, in addition to having excellent taste in movies/t.v./books, is not only tolerant of my odd movie-watching habits, but he doesn't make fun of me for being a tearful weepyface. And when I say tearful weepyface, I don't mean elegantly letting a couple teardrops out over something and blowing my nose discreetly in the bathroom. I mean burst-out-crying, snot-dripping, hiccuping, emotionally-distressed-for-up-to-twenty-four-hours kind of weepyface.

Long story short, he got me to watch Safety Not Guaranteed last night and I had the obligatory meltdown at the end. All he could get out of me for a good five or ten minutes afterward were sniffles, muffled sobs, and every so often, "MY FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELS, OMG!". Then I told him it was the most beautiful movie ever. Then recanted it and put it in the top 20 because I was thinking more clearly and not crying as much. 

I have no idea how long it will take him to get me to watch The Comedy. Probably a couple years. 

So after my squeals of emotion had subsided and I had settled into occasional tears and snuffles, I needed to paint my nails. Bad. I'd picked off most of Cirque Coronation (see below post) during the movie and needed to do something that involved no emotion. So on went some Futurama (NOT the sad ones, I've just deleted them altogether), and out came Dodgy Barnett. 

Now Dodgy Barnett is a holo I can get behind. As eye-searing as Urban Outfitters Silver Holo is, I just find the softer, more scattered holos more aesthetically pleasing. They're more dreamy. And best of all, they don't look like dull car paint in lower lights. 

Dodgy Barnett is a soft, silvery-grey with scattered, holographic shimmer. It's ladylike, grown-up holo. And the finish is so...I don't even know the word. It dries smooth and velvety, almost like a matte, but it's shiny. I just keep stroking my finger tips because the texture is so soft and smooth. The only downside is it's a bit sheer. I could have gotten away with three coats, but I did four because I was still an emotionally raw insomniac. I erred on the safe side and decided to forgo top coat. 

What movies turn you into a tissue-buried, emotional wreck?

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