Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sephora by O.P.I. Frankly, I Don't Give A-Dam & Jenna Hipp After Party

I guess I'm in a neutral/pink phase now. It's getting close to spring and I just crave softer colors; maybe that's how I tell myself spring is coming. The weather is screaming JULY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at the moment though.

I've had these two polishes for a while and never thought to combine them. I had been considering After Party for a Valentine's manicure (pink glitter, duh), but it just didn't make it in. So I was puzzling what to wear this with (again, pink glitter...can't ignore that) and saw A-Dam a couple rows behind it (I have a very odd system for storing my polishes) and thought pink and grey would look nice together. 

This color combo reminds me of a cute little cartoon mouse with fuzzy grey fur and a little pink nose and ears. I dunno. Maybe it's because I'm sort of feeling raw right now from everything going on in my life, so I'm looking for comfort and cute any place that I can. I see it as a cozy manicure, if that makes sense. 

Frankly, I Don't Give A-Dam is a beautiful, soft grey. In the bottle, there is the merest hint of purple, and on the first coat it's got a taupe-y, bruised quality. Subsequent coats turned it into a true, wet-cement grey. I used three here. 

I don't understand the naming of this polish, probably because I have no idea what collection it came out in. Is it an Adam and Eve reference? Is it because it's cement/concrete-colored and that's what man-made dams are made of? Whatever. 

(EDITED TO ADD: This stupid name kept bugging me so I looked it up. It's from the Garden of Good and Evil, so Adam and Eve ref. Also, other reviews call it a brown-toned grey, which is another great example of my colorblindness. Looks purple in the bottle to me :X)

After Party is by a new-to-me brand, Jenna Hipp. I saw the display at Costco with my best friend last year, and was admiring several of the colors in it. Come birthday time I'd completely forgotten about it (and everything else, since November was when Nana had her stroke) and she surprised me with it. It was a 12-pack of mini polishes. The bottles are adorable:

They remind me a bit of the Ciate bottles, which are the definition of cute. 

Anyway, I haven't tried any until now. After Party is various sizes of soft pinky-rose hexagonal glitter in a clear base. I did have to do some 'placing' with the glitters-the bigger ones wanted to stick to each other and the brush, because it was so small, wasn't very good at breaking them up. The viscosity of the polish was great though, no too thick or too thin, and each brushload delivered a good amount of glitter. What you're seeing is one coat. 

They're supposed to be very eco-friendly (the packaging they came in certainly wasn't though-it took me 15 minutes to wrestle them out of the cardboard and plastic) and are 5-free. I've read mixed reviews on them, but as the year goes on I'll test them (they're mostly summer colors). I do have to say they all look lovely though. 

Till next time! I'm going whale watching with my boyfriend tomorrow, so that should be really fun. :) Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. Brilliantly simple design, really cool colours. I wasn't sure if you'd already received this but I've nominated you for the Liebster blog award in my last blog post! Well done! :)