Saturday, February 22, 2014

Cirque Coronation

I'm normally not one to shell out tons of money for a single polish. I can justify it when I get ten or twelve from a beauty supply website, but the Coronation package (polish and ring) is undoubtedly the most I've ever spent for a nail polish. But you've got to spoil yourself every so often. I don't do it often, so I don't feel bad. 

Following in the footsteps of Clarins 230 and Max Factor Fantasy Fire, Coronation is a beautiful sheer blue-purple polish that flashes deep pink-ish red shimmer and at extreme angles, green and gold. It's fantastic magical splendor. In addition, there are small, prismatic glitters that twinkle every so often. It's like a unicorn and a fairy had gorgeous unicorn-fairy centaur babies. 

Because it is so sheer, I layered 2 coats of Coronation over one coat of O.P.I...Eurso Euro. It dries to a sort of rubbery finish which is definitely pretty, but I added Grand Central Station on top to bring out the shimmer. 

The rose-gold ring is definitely gorgeous, and even though you can now buy Coronation without the ring, I'm glad I shelled out the extra money for it. I love gold SO much, and it looks incredible on me if I do say so myself. Since my fingers are so plump it doesn't quite close all the way in the back, but honestly? Don't care. I can do so much with it. Wear it on my fingers, close it completely and wear it on a chain as a's definitely a favorite in my jewelry box. 

In other news, I'm feeling TONS better, both physically and emotionally. We got a Hoyer lift for my grandmother, so we can get her in and out of bed quickly and with a lot less pain (both for her and the one helping her out of bed). She begins outpatient therapy next month and the strength in her left leg is returning rapidly. I can't describe the way my heart feels when I see her do her exercises more and more thoroughly each day and watching her strength come back. I want to laugh and cry with relief and I'm so thankful how well she's coming along. And that relief is helping me sleep more and more soundly each night and I wake up ready to get though the day, rather than wanting to just slip back into unconsciousness. 

Life is good right now.

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  1. A brilliant combination of polishes, definitely makes Cirque Coronation look it's best! That's brilliant also that life is good at the moment. :)