Tuesday, February 11, 2014

O.P.I. Steady as She Rose

Guys, I think I found my perfect pink. Really.

I mean, really. Is this real life? Or have I stumbled into some pink neutral dream of delight*? 

EDITED TO ADD:*Incidentally, this reminded me of the 'White Way of Delight' from Anne of Green Gables. Oh Megan Follows, what I wouldn't give to have your gorgeous hair and cheeks...
And can we talk about how adorable Schuyler Grant is in it??? Probably my first girl crush.

Steady as She Rose is one of those shades that, once on my nails, I CANNOT stop looking at it. I feel so vain because I'll be out in public and I will randomly hold my nails up to the light and admire them. I love it THAT MUCH. It makes every issue I have with my hands and nails disappear. All I see are long, lithe fingers and pretty pink nails. 

I'm going to classify it as a pink, although it does have a putty-colored base. Every so often I think I see a drop of lavender, which only adds to its strong points. You could wear this any season and look fab. It's clean, toned-down, and perfect. I dunno if I've mentioned that already, but yeah. Perf. 

This was three coats with my newly acquired (and much loved now) bottle of Essie ridge-filling base coat, a coat of Rejuvacote (which is quite amazing), and then a coat of my good ole NYC Grand Central Station. I buy them two or three at a time now. :o 

I was considering this for a Valentine's mani, but as my boyfriend is fond of me in red, I have a feeling that's what I'll be reaching for. I do, however, want to try a little something with pink before that! Till next time!

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