Monday, February 17, 2014

Whale-watching pictures!!!

No nails today, but I do have some pictures of my whale-watching trip with my boyfriend. The weather started out super patchy but got very bright and sunny toward noon, and despite having put on a TON of sunblock (I'm a subterranean-dwelling grub degree of pale) I ended up with a mean sunburn on my face. My nose and forehead and cheeks are BRIGHT RED. Unfortunately I had my sunglasses on for most of the trip so it's not even a uniform sunburn-I've got a white sunglasses outline around my eyes :(.

Leaving San Diego Harbor. The marina where his dad's boat is was about a three hour drive. 

Cutie pelicans!

Started getting really sunny around 11:30. Damn my sunblock :(

We sort of "followed" the whale-watching boat. Didn't do us much good though, we only saw four the entire day.

This was around 1p.m. Whale-watching boat on the left, private yacht on the right. Whales somewhere in the middle, being shy. 

I swear, a second after I shot this, a baby whale broke the surface and spouted!!!

We think there were two adults and a baby.

Started getting seasick here.

Seals!!! So cute! Side story: the people in the kayak were being SUCH trolls. They were literally POKING the seals on the dock with their paddles. And laughing. At first I was outraged but then I remembered seals can hold their own. Annoy them enough and they WILL eat your face off. About two minutes after I took this picture the seal on the right sitting on the big yellow buoy CHARGED them. 

If you don't poke them, they're the cutest things ever!!!

Despite the sun coming out, it was very chilly, so I had my pea coat on the entire time. Then we scarfed down burgers and chocolate frosties. I'm sooooo glad boyfriend drove because I was totally anesthetized by the combination of the sun and my milkshake. Also Dramamine. Car rides have the ability to make me sick so imagine me on a boat. I pumped myself full of it and was pretty drowsy on and off throughout the day.  

Regularly scheduled nails tomorrow!!!

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