Saturday, January 31, 2015

China Glaze Intelligence, Integrity & Courage

I really wish I'd been able to get more than three posts up this month, but it's been a busy one for me. My sister leaves tomorrow for Seattle, and apart from wrestling with my mixed emotions of envy and sadness, I've been culling a lot of polishes I don't wear for her to take up with her, as well as some of my less-used makeup. She's used to raiding my various beauty stashes and I want her to have what she uses most. I know at some point I'll be making my way up there, but until that day comes, I'll just have to ease my way along here as best I can alone. 

In addition to that, I'm moving bedrooms. I'll be taking her old room which in addition to having a very large built-in closet, is almost twice the size as the room I'm in now. I'm in desperate need of the extra space, especially since I'll be taking care of her dog until she and her boyfriend can find an apartment. 

Anyway, this polish sparked a lively debate in my house because no one could agree on what color it was. Some said grey, some said blue. I see more blue than grey, sister sees in more grey than blue. It's obviously both, but since it's my blog I'm going to say it's a soft silvery blue with heavy yellow-based grey undertones. I love these types of colors. It's soft, but interesting, and looks different in every light. 

This was three buttery coats. I love the consistency of China Glaze cremes, even if the brush isn't my favorite. It's long, skinny, a little floppy, and doesn't spread over the nail the way I'd like, but the excellent formula sort of meets the brush halfway and doesn't make painting the nightmare it could be. 

See you in February!

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