Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Rimmel London New Romantic

Oh hello nubbins, haven't seen you in a while. 

I was getting heartily sick of uneven nail lengths and just cut them all down to size. Anyway, here's more pink! It's not a pink I would normally have chosen, but for whatever reason, pink is casting a spell on me lately.

New Romantic is a soft, blue-toned baby pink, full of very fine and subtle silver, pink, and green shimmer. Overall the shimmer is silvery-white, but if you look close enough you see the flash of green and pink. A pretty standard princess pink. It's nothing ground-breaking but it's lovely and a basic and I'm happy I bought it. What is pretty cool is that it's a new Rimmel Salon Pro, which are really nice. I've bought three of their new Salon Pro polishes and I'm very happy with each of them. I'm on the prowl for more. Some of the colors are just nice basics like this one, others are pretty interesting (looking). 

You're looking at three coats of New Romantic. The first coat goes on super sheer. I slapped on some Hare Polish Own Your Opulence to add some pizzazz. As you can see, I was pretty heavy-handed with it, especially on my middle finger; the shrinkage could probably be seen from space. But still, this is an awesome color combo. 

Aaaaaand, say hello to bubble season!

I don't know if you can see, but my left thumbnail is peppered with bubbling. Not from the polish, but the heat. It's really starting to warm up here (hottest day of the week so far, well into the 90's) so that means polish is going to start bubbling like mad here. Last year it was a constant source of irritation to me; I can't tell you how many manicures I removed in disgust. But I'm sort of resigned to it now.

Also, excuse the dog hair...Toby is shedding, and his hair is ALL OVER THE PLACE. Such is the life of a Malamute owner. 


  1. I also have the hair caught in nails problem, but unfortunately it's not an adorable dog's hair, it's my own. Yuck.

    1. Oh I get those too, my bangs shed so much. And those weird little black fibers that get in top coat??? Where do those come from????