Monday, April 14, 2014

Sephora by O.P.I. Havana Dreams & Flurry Up!

Came down with a bit of a cold today, so this'll be short and sweet.

Nana's birthday was a great success, despite the hiccup we had when ordering lunch. It's a long story and I'm too fuzzy-headed to explain. But rest assured, we have a lot of free pizzas coming our way.

I was pretty sad when Sephora announced they were discontinuing their line with O.P.I. Every S.O.P.I. I own I love (except maybe IM Beauty, but that's a color issue). I'm especially smitten with the collaboration they did with Betsey Johnson and one of my polish undertakings is to own all of them.

Even though the S.O.P.I. line is discontinued, they're still pretty easy to find. I ordered Havana Dreams when I found out the line was dissolving for $4.50 on the Sephora website-I'm unsure whether or not they're still available  there, but I'm sure eBay has a lot of them. Flurry Up! I found at Big Lots. I paid all of $1.80 for it, along with the Sparktacular! Top Coat, a red glitter that I can't remember the name of, and I Found a Pot of Gold!

I looooooove Big Lots.

When I set the two next to each other, I knew they had to be worn as a duo. At first I attempted to do a glitter gradient, but the base in Flurry Up! is really viscous and it would have ended up a huge mess. So I just applied two coats. The glitters are a tad difficult to manipulate, but honestly it's just glitter. It's meant to be messy.

Havana Dreams is a pale, white-based blue creme-jelly, perfect in 3 coats. Flurry Up! is just a standard silver glitter in a clear base. Both are pretty straight-forward colors, but look so lovely together.

Time for some hot tea, honey, and lemon for my throat, and curling up in bed for a nap. Till next time!

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