Sunday, August 10, 2014

Jenna Hipp Look Hot Feel Cool

I'm so happy it's August. That means it's only two months till October, and everyone knows October is the best freaking month ever. Just knowing that fall is on the way gives me a little hope; this summer has been such a struggle. 

To celebrate the end of the horrendous season of summer, have a summer manicure! I've got a ton of polishes lined up that I want to wear before I bring out my fall/winter shades (yes, I am that anal retentive); here's the first. 

Look Hot Feel Cool is from the What's Hot Now collection. My bff bought me the set from Costco for my birthday last year; I was so overwhelmed and depressed from everything that happened that the polishes didn't really register until well into the following spring. I used the pastels in my disastrous Easter mani. The pastels were streaky, but with some TLC I managed to make them behave. Look Hot Feel Cool was a much easier formula to work with. 

It's a rich, shimmery teal that can look straight-up emerald in some lights. I have nothing like it (although that's not really a surprise since green and I don't always get along). This was three coats, though two would have been more than sufficient. I just have a three-coat problem. 

It dries to a rubbery finish, so if you like shiny nails, top coat is required. It photographed a bit brighter than it is in real life, but the intensity is still there. Even in the shade, this color is luminous. 

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