Friday, October 10, 2014

American Apparel Berry

I forgot that when you wear dark colors, any little smudge will show up. Boo.

I was in the mood for something dark and moody to go with my nubs, but I didn't want anything overtly Halloween yet. Enter Berry.

American Apparel Berry is a purply, berry-red color. It's nice and rich, and really comes to life in sunlight. Inside it comes dangerously close to becoming a garden-variety dark red, but there's enough purple in it to keep it from being boring. All I needed was two coats.

They must have improved on the brush because it wasn't nearly so floppy and long as the other American Apparels I own. I had great control, and needed barely any clean up.


  1. I've never tried American Apparel, but that is a really gorgeous color!

    1. I couldn't have recommended them a few years ago, the brush was just too difficult (for me, anyway) to deal with. But the brush on Berry feels so much different from my older ones. The formulas are great, and they're six bucks a pop. Thumbs up from me from now on!