Saturday, October 18, 2014

China Glaze Emerald Sparkle

I spent last evening catching up on my Once Upon a Time, and since I think Zelena was an AH-MAZING villain, I wanted to wear something worthy of her. Rebecca Mader portrayed her so, so beautifully.

Emerald Sparkle is a pretty iconic polish, and although discontinued, the good version is still fairly easy to find on eBay. I was wild to get my hands on a bottle a couple years ago and ended up giving in to eBay; later that year I came across a HUGE cache of them at a swap took all my willpower to walk away with just two back up bottles. I wanted to buy six, but my best friend looked at me like I'd lost my mind, so I put them back. 

It is the blackened green version of Ruby Pumps. It's lots of vivid emerald micro-glitter suspended in a swampy, almost-black, green jelly base; it is wicked and magical. These types of micro-glitter jellies are a China Glaze specialty, but pictures never do them justice. It's deep and multi-layered in real life, and while it would look far more spectacular on long, pointed talons, I'm satisfied with how it makes my perpetual nubs sparkle (will I ever go more than two weeks without a nail break?). 

Of course it could double as a Christmas green, but I've got Zelena flying around in my brain, so it's a Wicked Witch green to me. 

This was three thin coats, plus top coat. I'm finally starting to get in the Halloween mood, so get ready for some appropriate manicures.

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