Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Essie Take It Outside

Halloween's only a day away, but I'm just not really in the spirit of it this year. I should be, since I go basically ape shit over Halloween, but I'm just sort of tired. I've decided not to decorate or hand candy out, which was a tough decision because I really hate to be that house, but it's just too much money and effort right now. Instead, my boyfriend and I are opting to eat pizza, drink cider, and watch old horror movies. If there's one thing my friends and loved ones know about me, it's that I love love love old movies. I keep the t.v. in my bedroom on Turner Classic Movies almost all the time. He's not the biggest fan, but he's sweet enough to indulge me. Pretty cuddly too.

I'll try to rustle up something for the 31st, but for right now I needed a soft, quiet color. I always look forward to the taupes in fall Essie collections, and Take It Outside is, in my opinion, the best taupe Essie has done since Miss Fancy Pants. It's like nothing I have, and I've got a LOT of neutral, taupe polish. It's very greyed out, with a bit of a pink-white undertone. It's perfection. 

The formula was perfect, I only needed two coats for opaqueness, and it self-leveled beautifully. 


  1. This polish is a lovely colour and I am with you on the lacking of Halloween effort! I've only done one simple design for Halloween and that's more than I normally do. :)

    1. Yeah, usually I'm a nut about this kind of stuff, but I just can't seem to rustle up enough enthusiasm. :( I must go over to your blog and see your Halloween design!!