Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sula Paint & Peel Merlot (and a review, I guess?)

So this tiny blog of mine is more about what I wear day to day, rather than reviewing polishes in depth. Admittedly, the latter is far more helpful,but I have fun with what I do. However this post will be a bit different, since there are only a couple other posts in the blogosphere about this particular polish, and I’d like to add to it in case anyone else is interested.

I’ve seen this brand in Sephora and Ulta several times and they have the cutest packaging, but I picked this polish up at Big Lots for something like a $1.50. It was the only shade they had, sandwiched between some Revlon sheers and a bunch of magnetic polishes.

The idea is that you don’t need nail polish remover to take it off, you simply peel it off when you’re sick of it (and no, it won’t damage your nails, that was my first question. The polish just sits on top and peels away without stripping the nail surface). I’m game for anything like that, since I use Zoya Remove + and it’s really, really expensive (but at least no skin irritation from it, yay!).

I had two reservations; first, that I wouldn’t be able to clean up afterward with acetone like it do with regular polish. I’m not the messiest painter, but I’m never able to get the area near my cuticles 100% perfect. Second, that my topcoat wouldn’t work with it. Happily I was proven wrong with both of them.

The trick with these kinds of polishes is to take your time. They can be prone to streaks so be sure to go nice and slow. My advice is to load the brush (which was great, by the way-nice and compact and medium-firm) with just a little more polish than you normally would and carefully apply-if you run out of polish halfway on the nail, you’re going to get weird little stringy lumps. I went slow with three coats using a more-than-normal amount of polish and my manicure was perfectly flat. It is also important to apply it without base coat, like those texture polishes.

I did have a bit of pulling at the tips but I’m not sure if that was from the polish itself or my Grand Central Station. It is getting a bit on the thick side, so I think it may be time to thin it out. I actually didn’t really need topcoat, but I added it out of habit. While the polish isn’t mega-glossy on its own, it does have a nice sheen to it that I think is enough to forgo topcoat.

It feels a bit tacky for a long time afterward, and you have to avoid hot water for four hours after application; I would say after about an hour they’re fully dry and you can do non-water related things without fear of denting. And bonus…no chemical nail polish smell! It smelled almost exactly like Elmer’s glue, but more subtle.

And as aforesaid, cleanup is possible, although it takes a little longer with this polish than with regular polish.

So overall, I love it. The color may not be exciting, but it’s perfect for autumn. Application takes a little more care than with traditional polish, but not enough to be a hassle…I hope Big Lots eventually gets more colors! Or I might just break down and go to Sephora.

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