Saturday, June 14, 2014

Finger Paints Paint Me Happy

I've been frequenting Sally's about once a week (it's a little treat I give myself after therapy) and a couple weeks ago purchased my first Finger Paints. I went with this pink (surprise surprise) and a goldy-pink glitter concoction (again, surprise).

Paint Me Happy is a warm melon-pink. Like most melon-pinks, it wouldn't photograph properly. In fact, I hate every single one of these pictures. My cuticles are dry, the nail polish looks lumpy because I woke up with sheet marks courtesy of a new top coat I'm trying that doesn't seem to dry EVER, and I have no idea why my fingers look so bloated and weird. Love the color though.

Here's a picture I got on my phone that's way more color accurate:

Much better. 

I did four coats (it's a little sheer) plus the nasty, evil top coat that just can't pull its pants up and dry like a top coat should. 

I'm just trying to get through the days lately. I haven't really felt like polishing my nails so I thought a color like Paint Me Happy would help. 

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  1. Love this polish, it's a very cute colour! So much so it's featured here: