Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Maybelline Pretty in Polka

Who knew pink was going to be my color this year? I'm as shocked as you are. 

Pretty in Polka was part of my birthday gift to my sister last year. She's a pink fiend and I thought it would be a fun way to wear it, but it just sort of sat in her small polish collection and I just couldn't help myself. Turns out she didn't really like it, and just didn't want to hurt my feelings. Puh-lease. Gimme. 

I'm now pretty much convinced that I need this entire Polka Dots collection. They're easy to apply, super glossy, and surprisingly easy to remove. Pretty in Polka is a bright, cheerful pink jelly full of black and white matte hex glitters in different sizes. Effortless nail art. 

I think the pink jelly is my favorite part. It's just so bright and glossy and transparent. Michelle from ALC referred to it as lip gloss for your nails, and that's dead on; it's just a nice wash of glossy pink color. 

This was three thin coats. I actually liked it at two, but I had a lot of gaps where I thought glitter should go, so I dabbed a third coat on. Even though it was super glossy on it's own, I top coated out of habit. 

I can't believe it's June already.


  1. These are such brilliant polishes in the polka dot collection, I have Rain Forest Canopy (I believe that's the name) and I love it. For the best results, I find having a base colour underneath that's similar makes the dots stand out even more! They're so good I am trying to find the other polishes on eBay...

    1. They're so great! I'm on the prowl for the blue one, I can't remember the name :b