Saturday, May 31, 2014

MAC Uninvited

Hello friend, do you have a moment to talk about our Lord and Savior, Maleficent, today?

I wanted to wait until my nails were in better shape (and longer) to wear this color, but since Maleficent came out yesterday and I bawled my way through it with my best friend and a hundred pounds of popcorn, candy, and soda, I thought I should put it on now and bludgeon whatever readers I have with my hysterical enthusiasm for the movie. I plan on going to see it again as soon as I have some free time. I haven't seen a movie twice in the theaters since Lord of the Rings. 

Lately, I've been a movie fiend. Normally I'm perfectly content to wait until they come out on DVD (or even on Netflix)...what can I say, I'm a lazy loser. But lately everything coming out is something I'd practically pee myself to see in theaters over and over. Godzilla. X-Men. Maleficent. Guardians of the Galaxy. 2nd Sin City. Be still my beating EVERYTHING. 

Maleficent was wonderful. I'm not qualified in the least to review movies and shows I watch because my suspension of disbelief is so strong and my innocence almost perfectly intact. I am that perfect, ignorant moviegoer. It made me laugh and cry and squeal and flail (quietly) and to be perfectly honest, is STILL making me tear up. All I have to do is think about Angelina Jolie saying, "Hello Beastie", and I'm off again.

I will say though, I was SUPER TERRIFIED it would end up like OZ The Great and Powerful. I cried in that one too, but only because I had to watch one of my favorite childhood characters get butchered by James Franco.

Maleficent is nothing like that; I would even go so far as to say it was better than Frozen, and is probably the best Disney film ever made. Frankly I'm surprised the critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes is only at 50%. I've never put much stock in film critics, but it's sad to see such a good movie with a strong female lead and an absence of unrealistic romance be so under-appreciated. The Evil Queen got her day in Once Upon a Time; learning Maleficent's back story was just as satisfying. And yes, it is NOT canon, but we knew that from the first line of the movie. 

Uninvited is a beautiful nude beige with subtle, silvery, shimmer. There is some almost imperceptible green shimmer as well (I see what you did there MAC) that adds dimension. MAC labels it as a creme, but the shimmer is most definitely there. This is a color that is going to look good on anyone, no matter skin tone. It's universal, flattering, and natural-looking. 

Formula was great, but a bit sheer, so you're looking at 3 1/2 coats of polish. Any imperfections you see (I'm looking at that damn middle finger) are not the fault of the polish, but the shortcomings of my nails. My middle nail is in a perpetual state of peeling and nothing I do seems to help it. Any new growth is really brittle and tears almost immediately. As a result, most nail polish looks awful on it. Rest assured that Uninvited is as smooth as butter. 

I love fairy tales, LOVE THEM. They are my childhood and my comfort. And when I see them retold this way, it only makes me love them more. I'll leave you with the deliciously creepy and haunting version of "Once Upon a Dream":

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