Friday, May 30, 2014

Jesse's Girl JulieG

I will start this off by saying that, under normal circumstances, I have a natural aversion to neons. They sear my retinas, make my skin look muddy, and just all-around bum me out. They are bold and bright and summery and cheerful, and I am the opposite of all these things most of the time (except cheerful-I do try to keep that one up as much as I can). But I'm not sure if JulieG is a neon, or just extra looks quite different in the bottle. Oddly enough though, I like it. Like, a LOT.

It's a bright coral creme, nothing special, but a real pick-me-up. The formula was smooth, but streaky, so it took four coats before I was happy (habitual two-coaters aren't going to like this one), but the color makes up for it for me. You know I love me a coral. It seems they only sell Jesse's Girl at Rite Aid, but they're super cheap-I picked up JulieG for about 3 bucks.

I have one other neon to feature here, I'll probably space it out a bit, though. I found a summer Maybelline collection at Bed Bath & Beyond back in April and bought the coral one. I've already worn it, and it's not hideous on me, so I'll probably pull that out in a month or so.


  1. That's a really cute colour especially in that lovely weather I can see from the photos!

    1. Oh yes, it matched the weather perfectly! It's humid, but the sun is shining. :)