Monday, May 26, 2014

Zoya Stevie

Happy Memorial Day! For those of you luxuriating in a 3-day weekend, I envy you. A lot. A 3-day weekend is a concept I no longer understand. My boyfriend and I were thinking of making our way to the Santa Monica Pier later today though, so that's something nice.

When textures started blowing up, I began waiting for someone to do a cute-sy lavender. There were many things I loved as a child, but the standout was anything purple or lavender. Even now I notice my eyes will seek out the purple in a nail polish collection before any other color. I know Nicole by O.P.I. did a cute lavender in their Gumdrops collection, but Zoya friggin' knocked it out of the park with Stevie. 

This color is going to give me diabetes, I swear. It's a perfect, soft lavender/lilac with sparkling silver texture. It's sweet and girly does that supersparkle thing that Zoya textures do when you blur them:

I could zone out all day and just watch my fingers sparkle. When I wear a L'Oreal texture, I swear up and down they're my favorite textures. Now I'm doing that when I wear Zoya textures. Guys, they're my faaaaaaave. 

This was three coats on my once-again shortened nails. No matter what I do, I can't seem to get them past my free edge without them breaking, splitting, chipping, or peeling. They're bad, bad nails. 

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