Thursday, May 8, 2014

Zoya Bevin

Let's start May off with one of the polishes I snagged during Zoya's Earth Day Exchange. I've mentioned before that green is sorely lacking in my collection, mainly because I'm not totally convinced it looks good on me. Bevin, however, is one I can cozy up to. 

The Zoya site describes Bevin as "a dusty, medium sage green with teal tones", and I couldn't agree more. There are hints of grey in certain lights, but mostly it stays sage-colored. I'm wondering how close it is to O.P.I.'s Thanks a Windmillion...

And just looked it up. Dupes. Boo. 

Well whatever, it's a lovely color I know I'll wear a lot of. I actually think I prefer the formula of the Zoya more. The only other Zoya creme I owned before the huge Earth Day Exchange haul was Rue, and Bevin has confirmed how amazing Zoya cremes are. They're smooth, buttery, and self-leveling. Heaven. 

This was 3 coats, NYC top coat. I've got some peeling on my index and middle fingers, so the polish isn't as even there. Frankly, my nails and cuticles look like hell, but I'm too busy to bother with them much lately. 

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