Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ciate Apples and Custard

I need a break from all the glittery goodness I’ve been wearing lately so I thought I’d crack out one of my favorite cremes. This polish wouldn’t have been mine without the kindness of another wonderful MakeupAlley member. Honestly, I’ve met the kindest people there. The exchange rate and shipping, and obviously the already high price of Ciate polishes would have cost me about 30 bucks (if I ordered from the Ciate website), but a girl offered to send me a bottle for free, and even included a little extra. Really. Too, too nice.

Despite the silliness and drama Ciate has dealt out in the past with the caviar manicure, they have, hands down, the best formula and brush I’ve come across. The brush is medium-thin, firm, the long handle makes it very easy to control. And as for the formula, it’s smooth and creamy, and dries relatively quickly.

And lets be honest. The bottle is the cutest thing. Even if the formula were horrible, I’d probably want it just for the bottle.

Apples and Custard is a lovely, creamy jade/celadon green, muted but bright. It can look slightly different in different lights, darker or lighter depending. It’s so, so flattering and soft.

Three coats of Apples and Custard, and NYC top coat.

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