Sunday, July 7, 2013

Rescue Beauty Lounge 360 & Essie Beyond Cozy

So not only is the NYC Grand Central Station top coat better than any other I’ve tried, it’s a fraction of the cost and prevents my fastest chipping polishes from flaking off. If you do not have this top coat yet, WHY!!?? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU! GO OUT AND GET IT NOW! SHOO!

Before you are two beautiful polishes, both guaranteed to chip (RBL) or peel off in sheets (Essie) within twelve hours of application. However, this manicure is two days old. I wasn’t overly careful, I showered, did some dishes, and scratched at many bug bites. Marvelous.

360 is described on the website as a “deep-water aqua blue polish”. There’s some grey in there too, definitely, and the most gorgeous subtle silver and teal shimmer. The shimmer all but disappears on the nail, but it adds dimension to what would otherwise be a flat creme color. It’s incredibly pigmented, one coat and you’ve got pure color with no patchiness. I really appreciate the artistry that goes into making these polishes, and now that NYC has entered my life, I can wear them without worrying about chips.

Essie Beyond Cozy is a perfect antiqued silver glitter. I love everything about it. What more is there to say?

2 coats of each polish, a couple coats of Gelous over the glitter, and NYC top coat. The color combination just drives me wild-it’s so chic.

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