Wednesday, August 21, 2013

China Glaze Stellar

Sorry for showing my left hand today, my right thumbnail sustained a really, reeeeeallly bad break.

I can never decide whether or not I like Stellar. In theory I should-it’s got several things I really like in a polish: it’s a lovely butterscotch taupe, there are gold and silver glitters that sparkle like mad, and the formula is divine. But whenever I see it in the bottle, or on my nail, I hesitate.

I dunno…I feel like it has something to do with the glitter. Just when I’m sure it’s predominantly silver, it flashes gold. And when I want it to look warm and gold, it turns distinctly cool and silver. And the heaviness and coarseness of the glitter is a bit off putting. With a China Glaze glitter like Ruby Pumps, the larger glitter bits look wonderful-they catch the light and sparkle and look like the ruby slippers. But with something this neutral and subtle, I feel that maybe a more toned down glitter would have looked better.

This was three coats. And even though it is a very smooth glitter (no topcoat eating, I really love that about China Glaze glitters) I opted for Gelous as a topcoat rather than my beloved Grand Central Station.

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