Thursday, May 23, 2013

Barielle Fifth Avenue Boutique

My gold wire ring finally bit the dust a couple weeks ago and its replacement just arrived! I wanted to go with something slightly different, and I couldn’t resist the blue bead. So to compliment it, here’s Barielle’s Fifth Avenue Boutique. I actually bought this on accident with my last Trans Design order, but it was definitely a happy one since I never turn down a coral.

Fifth Avenue Boutique is a really fierce, almost neon coral. It’s hard to tell what way it leans, because sometimes it’s almost red-coral, and other times more orange-coral. I guess it really depends on the lighting. Either way, it’s incredibly bright and summery.

This was three-ish coats, with Grand Central Station. Dry time was good and the formula wasn’t streaky.

It’s been a pretty rough week so far. Too tired to really talk about it; hopefully I’ll feel better though.

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