Saturday, May 11, 2013

Chanel Miami Peach

Hooray for sloppy graduation nails! I did these late at night; I was stressed, tired, and irritated, and obviously they look awful. But I got a ton of compliments on the color over the course of the day, and one person even asked me if they were gel. So I guess they just look worse in the pictures than in real life.

This is the only Chanel I will ever care to own. I don’t find many of their colors terribly unique, the price tag is frankly outrageous, and eventually the most popular colors get duped, so I can find them at a much cheaper price.

This one is a little different though. It’s a Japan exclusive, and I’m not going to admit to anyone what I paid for it. Ever. But it’s a coral. A jelly coral. It’s the color of mermaid lips, as my sister said when she saw it.

What makes it cooler than any other coral I’ve seen is not only the soft, peachy undertone, but the dynamite gold shimmer in it. It’s just so whimsical and fun.

However, the formula leaves much to be desired. Since it’s supposed to be sheer, I won’t complain about the five coats it took to get this opaque (the pulling at the tips is because of this-really obvious in the pictures, but not so much in real life), but I will complain about the staying power. This chips. Fast. If I’m paying *mumble* for a nail polish, I want it to wear like iron. I have the same problem with Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes, but I refuse to pay more than $8 for a base or top coat; I want to be able to use what I already have.

Regardless, the color is to die for, and it brought my outfit together really well.

Yay for graduating college!

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