Monday, May 13, 2013

Sally Hansen I Lilac You & Sally Hansen Hi Ho Silver

I’ve really grown to love the CSM line. The colors are a good blend of staple and unique, and the excellent formula balances out their awful paddle brushes. I decided to retry a lavender polish and while this one did want to bubble, it was minimal, and ended up looking absolutely lovely.

I Lilac You is a gorgeous blue/grey-based lavender polish with a nice, even, thin formula. Despite the brush, it went pretty much where I put it and self-leveled beautifully.

Hi Ho Silver is your standard silver shimmer. The formula was the same-thin, smooth, and quick to dry. It was surprising that I didn’t have silver in my collection-this one seemed as good as any.

I just wish they’d do something about the brush. Maybe not even the brush itself, but the stem? I don’t know. My nails are not small-not large either, but with those huge, wide brushes I was able to cover practically the entire nail-I like to do the 3-stroke method, which is hard when the brush is so wide.

Enough nitpicking though. I added the silver polka dots with a bobby pin-I’m too cheap at this point to buy a dotting tool-and I think they came out really well. I’m useless when it comes to nail art, but I think I can do a pretty good polka dot. Might even buy some striping tape one of these days…

I spent today at my boyfriend’s work, getting acquainted with some of the most adorable dogs on the face of the planet. He works at a really nice boarding and doggy daycare center and basically gets paid to play with dogs. There’s one-no joke-that is all of a pound and a half. He’s TINY. I guess he’s a Yorkie/Pomeranian mix and all he wanted to do was snuggle in my arms. It literally broke my heart to leave him-it was all I could to to not drop him in my purse and run. Kidding. Maybe.

After that we had some truly amazing burgers, and swam for a bit in his pool (!), and ended the day with a Richard Dawkins documentary that I fell asleep to (not because it was boring-I was just uber sleepy). Tomorrow will be similar. Then I start a quick 3 week summer school class which should prove interesting.

Time for Cheerios and falling into bed!

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