Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sally Hansen Solid Love

So here come a series of really bright manicures. I’ve been craving color quite badly since my palate cleanser, but it’s been too hot to polish-every time I try to sit down and do a manicure, it immediately bubbles up and looks disgusting. I probably should just start wearing glitters and get some texture polishes for the rest of the summer because I really don’t see how I’ll be able to keep a manicure smooth through August and September.

The pictures of Solid Love do it no justice. The brightness really freaked my camera out. It’s is a very bright, hot, berry pink. I’m not sure that’s the best way to describe it. I don’t wear pinks like this very often so I’m not entirely sure how to explain them. It’s blue-toned and very cool-my camera is showing Solid Love much warmer than it really is.

It surprises me how much I really like this. Screw that, I love this. Usually I only see this color with heinous electric blue shimmer thrown in, and that combination just makes my skin crawl. But as a creme, it’s downright fierce. It’s going on my toes tonight!

So…I made a really rash decision yesterday. Remember my rant on how much I dislike most indie polishes and the fact that you can’t get your hands on them ever? Well I saw a chance to own the entire Last Queen of France collection from Hare Polish. I took it. Every polish in that collection is genius. Rococo Grandeur especially made me lose my shit.

It really, really hurt my wallet, but I consider it my graduation present to myself.

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