Thursday, January 9, 2014

China Glaze Ruby Pumps, an Update, & some Changes

Until about a week ago, I haven't had the heart or time to polish my nails and share them with the Tumblr community. I mean, I've been wearing nail polish for the last two months, but it was more to help me escape my life than a genuine pleasure. A lot of things changed drastically in a very short amount of time and I continue to struggle daily with all the new responsibilities I have.

Then I woke up one morning missing blogging about my nails. And the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to do it again. I talked to my boyfriend, who encouraged me and I made the decision to move from my Tumblr blog to this Blogspot one. I want to be closer to, and more active, with the nail community as a whole, which has helped me so much these past months. I want to be more proactive about my hobby and maybe even look into a career involving nail polish. Of course these are plans that may never come to fruition, but the point is that I'm no longer spending my days terrified and rigid, but rather making plans for the future and doing my best to stay mindful of the present.

My grandmother came home December 23rd. Her improvement is steady, but slow. She is still paralyzed on her left side, but movement is coming back into her arm and leg slowly. She requires constant attention. I became, in the span of about twenty four hours, a full-time caregiver. I wash her, dress her, help fix her meals, change her diapers (she's not yet reached the point to where she can use a commode or toilet), read aloud to her, wash her sheets, make her bed, get her in and out of her wheelchair, help her with her physical therapy, administer her medication, and tuck her into bed at night. I run errands for the household and do most of the grocery shopping.

I do not list these things to complain. She has taken care of me all my life, and I am doing my part to take care of her now. But until she is more mobile and can walk again (the physical therapist is confident that by the end of this year she'll be mobile) I have put everything on hold; my hopes, my dreams, my career, all of it-has been pushed into the background. But that's okay for now because she needs me.

So this morning, after I'd gotten her up and dressed and in her wheelchair out on our patio, I brought out six red polishes (her favorite color to see on my nails) and told her to choose one. She picked Ruby Pumps, and it is to her health and recovery that I dedicate this first post on my new blog!

You've all seen Ruby Pumps, and for those who haven't, DO NOT go by my pictures. No picture can capture the glowing, glittery beauty that is Ruby Pumps. It is literally like wearing Dorothy's slippers on your nails. The first coat is thin, but not sheer, and you can see the deep pink base and sparse amounts of red glitter, but a second coat transforms it into a rich ruby red packed with sparkle. Truly a classic.

I was always curious why they chose red for the color of Dorothy's shoes in the movie-in the book they are silver. They probably wanted to utilize Technicolor. But no complaints from me-Ruby Pumps remains to date, in my top five favorite polishes.

Here's to 2014, my grandmother's recovery, and to making lots of nail polish friends!

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