Saturday, January 25, 2014

Nicole by O.P.I. Goodbye Shoes

Finally some sun! Honestly, I never thought I'd type those words since I live on a corner of the planet that is flooded with sunshine 11 months out of the year and am not a fan of the stuff myself. But...I have a ton of new polishes I want to take pictures of and the last few days it's been overcast, and any pictures I try to take indoors end up grainy and color inaccurate. I keep thinking vaguely of making a light box of some kind, but with everything going on, I'll have to file that project under "Someday".

Goodbye Shoes was the only Carrie Underwood polish that really caught my interest. I live for dusty, moody shades like these. It reminded me of of MAC Blue India (a color I kick myself for not snapping up) and I thought it would be lovely for both winter and spring. 

It's decidedly greener than Blue India (I'm going by swatches I see online), but no less girly and delicate. It's a calming color, if that makes sense. I'd love bed sheets in this shade. And the formula? Divine. This was my usual three coats, though two would have been more than sufficient, with GCS on top. I'm also using a new protein base coat from Barielle, so we'll see how that goes; my nails are finally starting to grow out a bit.  

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