Sunday, April 21, 2013

China Glaze White Cap & Revlon Gum Drop

Why does every lavender I own seem to want to bubble up on me?

I mean, look! Even through White Cap’s shimmer you can see massive bubbles. I’ve even gone so far as to test other colors [pink, navy, and green so far] and i haven’t had problems with them! Has the world gone mad!? All I want to wear right now is lavender and life isn’t letting me. :(

I’m going to try to try and look past those two irritants. But ugh, it’s hard.

Gum Drop is one of those scented polishes Revlon released a while ago. I guess it’s supposed to smell like bubblegum or something, but it reminds me more of those cotton-candy flavored gourmet lollipops you see in drugstores. It’s pretty powerful at first, but peters off after a few hours. Anyway, it’s a truly sickening shade of adorable lavender with a crelly-ish formula, and slightly blue-based.  It’s the epitome of spring, and I love it so much and I hate that it’s bubbling! GAAAH.

As for White Cap, it’s magic in a bottle. I’ve been layering this over every color I can get my mitts on; it just makes everything look good. It gives this ethereal glow to lighter colors and a gorgeous white-gold sparkle to darker ones. I haven’t tried it on its own yet, but I imagine it could make even my uneven smile lines beautiful.

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