Friday, April 26, 2013

O.P.I. Pirouette My Whistle & O.P.I. You Callin’ Me a Lyre?

Sorry, these aren’t the best pictures but it’s Friday, and every moment I’m not in my room, in my underwear, with the lights off and the fan on eating Claim Jumper chocolate pie and playing video games is a moment wasted.

No, just kidding. I have a paper to write first. Then underwear-fan-pie-gaming.

I gave my thesis presentation on Wednesday and it has literally taken me from Wednesday till to today to feel back to my normal self. I am a frightened rabbit when it comes to public speaking up until the point when I’m looking at the audience. Then my adrenal glands burst and  I get this kind of superhuman strength and am able to pretend I’m a competent student that does amazing research while balancing a normal social life rather than what I really am-socially apathetic and prone to spending days at a time home in my room reading up on carnies, leaving only for groceries and shampoo/nail polish.

And don’t even get me started on the outfit I had to shop for…I practically had a meltdown at the mall. I LOATHE buying any clothing in-store-I do most of it online, and as a result, I have several nice, ill-fitting, unworn pieces in my closet. I’ll go to the grocery store, the drug store, beauty supply and the mall when I’m with my best friend and we’re just tramping around for exercise while drinking massive amounts of diet coke. Everything else is online.

ANYWAY, once my fight-or-flight has subsided, I’m left exhausted and physically sore, so all I can really do is sleep it off. But I feel much better, and was in the mood for something soft and sparkly today.

The New York Ballet collection is probably the best thing O.P.I. has ever done, with the exception of a few individual polishes, in my opinion. I’m still minus Don’t Touch My Tutu, but I’m having massive amounts of fun with the others. I chose You Callin’ Me a Lyre?, which is a soft pinky-peach jelly with a divine, streak-free formula, and put Pirouette My Whistle on top (because why not?). It’s so girly and fresh and springy. I still can’t get over the cute rose-colored glitters that are interspersed with the silver sparkles and pearly hexes. It’s just so unexpected.

So this was 3 thin coats of You Callin’ Me A Lyre?, and one of Pirouette My Whistle. Dry time was a bit longer than average, but that’s to be expected with jellies. And in my exhaustion I forgot to take pictures of my presentation nails, but they were awesome. I chose O.P.I. My Very First Knockwurst (one of my top 5 all-time favorite polishes) and put China Glaze White Cap on top (I told you guys I was obsessed with layering it over everything-it can do no wrong!) and the effect was great-nice, clean, professional-looking nails…WITH SPARKLE!

Time for paper writing. Till next time!

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