Saturday, March 22, 2014

Essie Go Ginza

I don't know why, but pink is looking so good to me lately. And not just subtle shades of pink, either. I actually purchased O.P.I. Strawberry Margarita the other week!! Gimme all the pinks. 

Go Ginza, however, doesn't strike me as very pink. There are some lavender or lilac undertones there. I can sort of see the cherry blossoms that inspired the color, but mostly it makes me think of expensive lavender soap. Which makes me think of hot, luxurious baths. Which makes me sleepy. Which is not good, because boyfriend and I are walking the dogs in a bit.

Whatever color it is, it's so pretty. I'm weird with spring collections. They don't strike me as very special when they come out (case in point: the last two O.P.I. Soft Shades collections) but anywhere from six months to a year later I decide they're gorgeous, I've got to have them, and frantically scrabble around to get my mitts on them. I only picked up Maximillian Strasse-her last spring (almost ties for favorite green with Hooky at the Hamlet); all the others weren't anything special...then. 

I got Go Ginza at CVS with a 'buy 3 get a complimentary Essie' coupon. It was just calling my name. The formula was terrific seeing as how it's a pastel. Not chalky or streaky at all, and super self-leveling. I did 3 coats because of reasons and then slapped a coat of Pirouette My Whistle on top for sparkle. I have fairy princess nails. 

I wish the lighting had been better, it was quite overcast at the start of the day. But no matter, I'm in a good place today. I watched the superdark Moral Orel episodes without crying uncontrollably and I'm going to enjoy the new(ish) Mountain Goats album with boyfriend later on. I might just even watch The Comedy!!!

No. No I won't, I'm kidding.

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