Thursday, March 6, 2014

Essie No More Film & Deborah Lippmann Diamonds and Pearls

As hard as it was to get rid of my sex nails, this little Essie was begging to be used. I was at Target with my best friend Christmas before last and put No More Film (I'm never sure whether to capitalize Essie and her polish names; I know they're all lowercase on the bottles, but the English student in me won't let me type them like that) in my cart-I couldn't say no to something that dark and pretty. When I got home she wasn't in my bag or on the receipt, so I can only assume the bottle fell in transit to the cashier. But my bizarre brain registered it as "Oooooh, pretty! Oh wait, I have that don't I?" every time I saw it at CVS or Rite Aid or Bed Bath and Beyond. I'd go home, search fruitlessly and then remember I hadn't actually bought it. 

I was replaying this scene for the nth time at CVS waiting for some prescriptions, and just bought it, figuring I could return it. Yay for finally getting my mitts on it!

No More Film is either a blue-based purple or a purple-based blue. One or the other. Or both. We know I'm not good with purples. Whatever it is, it's deep and inky rich, and definitely a one-coater if you're slow and careful. I was neither of those things last night so you're looking at two coats. I usually do three, but I felt it would just be gilding the lily with this one. 

And to add a bit of sparkle, I layered one coat of Deborah Lippmann Diamonds and Pearls. Because I bought so many polishes from the Mariah Carey collex. back in December, my frequent buyer's card for the beauty supply I haunt got filled up fast, and I had ten bucks free to spend. And what a coincidence, Diamonds and Pearls was on sale for just that. So I threw it in. It's a gorgeous layering polish with gold, copper, green, and pink shimmer. I paint my grandmother's nails with it once a week and she loves it. If my nails weren't so stained, I'd probably wear it sans undies, it's that beautiful. 

When layered over No More Film, it reminds me a bit of a spring night sky-rich and velvety, with twinkling stars and fireflies everywhere. My photos wash the color out a bit, it's much richer and darker than it appears. 

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