Tuesday, March 4, 2014

O.P.I. Got the Blues for Red


Is there such a thing as sex bottled as nail polish? The answer is yes, and it is Got the Blues for Red.

It was apparent that yesterday was not my day. It was full of struggle and sadness and frustration; when it came to a close I needed to do something for myself. So off to S-Mart I went.

S-Mart (and no, not the same S-Mart from Army of Darkness, although the first time boyfriend and I saw it we became giddy) is a charming little Korean supermarket that is pretty much the most amazing thing ever. They have TONS of different types of food, a beautiful little bakery, and a makeup and nail polish section. Food? Nail polish? Baked goods? Cool, I'm in heaven now.

They sell this absolutely DIVINE chiffon Swiss Roll cake so I picked up that, as well as some lychee jelly cups (gals of my vintage will remember swapping them in elementary school-you were the bees knees if you had them in your lunch box),  then dove over to the nail polish rack. They have an O.P.I. rack where the polishes are around eight bucks. I found DS Coronation, What Wizardry is This?, and Got the Blues for Red. YUM.

Got the Blues for Red is a deep, rich, sexy, blue-based blood red. It's ridiculously shiny on its own, and with the addition of top coat it's so damn reflective that it picked up EVERYTHING as I tried to photograph it, which is sort of obscuring the color a bit (note to self: make a freaking light box!). Indoors it takes on a browner color akin to a rich chocolate-dipped cherry, but under sunlight and bright indoor light you can see the blue tones. They may be a dime a dozen, but nobody knows how to do a red like O.P.I. All my favorite reds are by them. It looks so femme fatale and expensive.

So I guess when you need a fresh start, don't use a palate cleanser. Use the deepest, sexiest red you can get your hands on. I can't express what a morale booster this polish has been.

This was three perfect, buttery coats, with GCS on top, and hardly any clean up, since it went exactly where I put it; my cuticles are over the moon about this.

I think it's time to pull out my spring/summer colors for a change of pace, but I'll be keeping Got the Blues for Red on while I'm doing it. I can't bear to take this beauty off so soon.

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  1. That is a LUSH colour! I would pop out and get it but sadly no where near sells OPI. I'll have to make a day trip one day.... :) Also fab post and photos.