Monday, March 3, 2014

Orly Decades of Dysfunction

Some days things just don't line up, everything is horrible, and all you want to do is go to bed until things stop sucking so much. Today is one of those days. The only good part of my day so far has been boyfriend and his new puppy.

I wanted a palate cleanser to transition into my spring polishes. Fresh start, you know? 


Decades of Dysfunction looks like a creamy off-white in the bottle. Once on the nail however, it sort of turns into a putty/pink color. It's nice and clean and soft-looking. Certain lights will bring out the off-whiteness more. It's similar to O.P.I. Don't Bossa Nova Me Around, except a bit less pink, I think.

The first two coats were a bit streaky, not so much because of the formula, but the brush. It's longer and thinner than I'm used to. I did three.

I never saw the Dark Shadows show, but I did see the movie. Wasn't horrible. Why am I trying to make small talk when I'm in a bad mood? Ugh.


  1. Snap with the bad day, its just been one of those days which I haven't got anything right! Good idea to cleanse the palette and you've chosen a fab colour. Really cute. :)

    1. Thanks!! Yeah, it's just been one of those days :/ Bleh. Tomorrow has to be better, right?? :b