Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Barielle Greenwich Village at Dawn

My relationship with pinks is similar to what I went through with blues. As a general rule, I don’t like pink. Many of them don’t play well with my skin tone, and to be honest, I don’t find them very pretty. There are, however, exceptions.

My favorite pinks are pinky-nudes. My Very First Knockwurst is, hands down, the best. Next are the cool pink-lavenders-the ones that have that cool, rosy tone. Lastly, there is ONE hot pink that I find attractive-O.P.I. Kiss Me on My Tulips. I also own China Glaze’s Ahoy! and it’s dynamite on my toes.

Greenwich Village at Dawn falls between the pinky-nude and cool rose colors. It’s a very soft, grown-up color, with almost-hidden green shimmer, which I think is a great touch. But I must confess…I like it better in sunlight.

In the sun, it’s quite delicate looking, and the green shimmer is more visible. But once out of the sun, it (and I don’t know how it does this) sort of turns warmer. And this shimmer is less evident. And while this by no means makes it look unattractive on my hands, I just don’t like it as much.

This was the usual 3 coats. Formula and application were great, as with every other Barielle I’ve tried.

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