Thursday, March 21, 2013

Essie Maximillian Strasse-Her

Weird name for a polish, annoying almost. So I won’t go into it. I’m feeling really abrupt today; it’s nearly my spring break, and I need some down time. I’ve got a lot to do for my Capstone thesis, but oddly enough, I’m looking forward to just sitting down and getting it done without having to worry about peripherals, like putting on actual clothes, or going to class. Or talking to people.

Anyway, this color. Gorgeous, yes? I love it because I have no freaking clue what color it is! Is it green? Grey? Blue? A combo of the three, I like to think, because I see all three. Predominantly, it’s a soft, foamy, grey-ed out green, really washed out and calm. But at certain angles, there’s a bit of blue…what kind of blue I have no idea, but really reminds me of the way the ocean can look in the last ten minutes before the sun really comes up. And despite its creme finish, there’s a watery translucency about it…like if you looked hard enough you could see through to the bottom.

I don’t wear many greens for much the same reason that I don’t wear many pinks…it’s hard for me to find ones that are really pleasing to me, and that don’t make my skin look ruddy and sunburnt. Apart from nice deep hunter greens, this kind of soft, grey-green is really the only kind I feel like I can pull off.

So yes, stupid name, lovely color. Hurry up, spring break.

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