Monday, March 11, 2013

O.P.I. My Pointe Exactly & Pirouette My Whistle

Until the New York Ballet, I’d never had the urge to own a whole O.P.I. collection; I usually just pick and choose the colors I like best. And admittedly, none of the Ballet polishes struck me as remarkable (except perhaps My Pointe Exactly) and I decided I needed none of them. Fast forward six months later, and suddenly I needed all of them. Immediately. I’m only one short (Don’t Touch My Tutu), and thus far, this is probably my favorite combo. My Pointe Exactly won the spot for most unusual-a grey jelly! Yay! It’s so soft, with just a drop of slate blue in it. This was 3 thick, even coats (I could wax idiotic about the formula on these jellies-aaaahmazing) of My Pointe Exactly with a coat of Pirouette My Whistle (so lovely and delicate!) on top.

I didn’t see this in reviews of the glitter when it came out last spring, but I’ve noticed amid the silver glitter and pearly white hexes, there are little squares of rosy pink glitter! I’m unsure of whether they were always there, or if it was a recent addition or even a mistake, but whatever they are, I. LOVE. THEM. I have a terminal jelly addiction, and a recent (as of a few months ago) glitter topper interest, so these are going to be in very heavy rotation.

These pics (and yes, the pictures here aren’t great-I love polish, not taking pictures) were snapped after five (!!!) days of wear, and the only way you can tell is by the growth and the chip in my middle finger. Gaaaah, I love this combo. If I didn’t have some new polishes begging to be used, I’d take it off, and immediately reapply it.

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