Friday, March 15, 2013

Essie Mint Candy Apple

From the 2009 Winter collection? I have no idea because at that time I was eschewing any form of pastel polish; it was deep vampies all the way for me. Obviously I’ve come around. I own quite a few very beautiful pastels now, and usually save my vamps for fall and winter; I don’t remember actively deciding to wear my polish seasonally, but I’ll just run with it till I get bored and wear everything year-round again. I picked up Mint Candy Apple last month with a CVS coupon and serious swatch envy.

There’s really no need to go into the color-this one is famous. Pale mint-colored polish, great formula, nice and thin and creamy, with little to no chalkiness. I’ve noticed that it wears differently color wise on different people. It seems to pull blue on me; when my sister wears it, it becomes distinctly mint-green.  And surprisingly, no lobster hands! Mint greens are notorious for this, but not a hint of it!

This was three thin coats with Out the Door top coat (as of right now, my favorite top coat). I don’t think two thick coats of this would cut it, because it is a pastel, and despite the formula being nice and thin, you’re going to get patchiness. I applied it with extra care. I’ve become a habitual 3-coater in the few years I’ve considered polish a legit hobby.

I’d love to do some nail art with this one.

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