Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sephora by O.P.I. Sparkling Personality

This mani is a bit smudged because about 20 minutes after I slapped top coat on it I decided I had to repair a bureau drawer that’s been hanging the wrong way for a week. Naturally, instead of ignoring my ridiculous brain and going to bed, I hauled out the pliers and screwdriver, and mashed up both thumbs and a couple fingers. My left hand is worse (I’m a southpaw) so here’s the right.

Anyway, this is another one of the Betsey Johnson polishes I scored on eBay, Sparkling Personality. GLITTAH! There are two types of glitter that I love to bits-blingy, dense glitters such as this, and really delicate, whimsical glitters that just add a touch of sparkle.

Sparkling Personality has a clear base, and is full of dark silver micro glitter. I wouldn’t quite call it charcoal, but it’s not a true, pure silver. In addition to the silver, there are scattered light blue, yellow-gold, and magenta micro glitters. A really fun, different take on silver glitter.

This was two coats, with two coats of Out the Door. This one is a bit of a topcoat gobbler, not as bad as some glitters I have, but a coat of Gelous wouldn’t go amiss.

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