Saturday, March 30, 2013

Color Club Who Are You Wearing?

So…my nails are close to nubs again. True nubs.

I had a truly horrific break on my left thumbnail yesterday…bad enough to where it bled a bit and I had to just chop a good portion of the nail off. And since I looked ridiculous with one shorty thumbnail, I decided to cut every nail down…I hate inconsistency. Plus, I was able to get the last of the peeling nail tips off, so I guess it’s a good thing? I can really start fresh this time.

I wanted a palate cleanser that wasn’t a colored pastel, and showed my grandmother about five different polishes. This was the one she chose.

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure what this color is. I’m going to classify it as a white, but it’s really more of an off-white/bone color. But in certain lights, there’s almost certainly a drop of something else mixed it-sometimes it looks pinky-nude, sometimes more lavender, and in overcast light, it can look pale grey. It’s a lovely color, but I just don’t like it on nails this short. I don’t like any color on my hands when the nails are this short. And the acetone stings my poor exposed nail meat :(.

The formula on this was an absolute nightmare. I expect that from a white, but it still annoys me. It was thick and runny and streaky and bubbly, and it took four coats to even everything out. Dry time was what you’d expect…it took three episodes of Arrested Development before I felt safe enough falling asleep without worrying about sheet marks.

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