Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sinful Colors Cinderella

Half an hour after I did this manicure, I realized it was St. Patrick’s Day. So likely as not, I’ll get pinched, but whatever, this color is gorgeous. Actually, when I look at it in the right light, the shimmer flashes greeny-gold, so does that count?

Anyway, when this polish came out last year, it gained a bit of a cult following. I was hesitant because it just looked so…girly. And it was blue. At one point, I refused to wear blue nail polish because I was convinced it looked horrible on me; and when I thought of blue polish, all I could conjure in my head were bottles of nasty frosty denim-blue. Needless to say, my blue prejudice has been overcome, but every time I see a frosty blue, I die a little inside.

Cinderella is a spectacular pale, milky blue-the base is in the same family as Rescue Beauty Lounge Bikini Bottom, and is chock full of the most exquisite glass-fleck. I’m going to categorize this polish as glass-fleck rather than shimmer, because if you look closely, the the shimmer is larger than normal, and more irregularly shaped. When looking head-on, the flecks are pink, and in different lights you see green, and gold.

It’s supposed to be inspired by Cinderella’s blue ball gown in the movie (I’m assuming? It looks a hell of a lot like it). My pictures don’t do the glass-fleck justice, it was really hard to capture the shimmery goodness.

This was 3 thick coats, and Seche Vite (which is why you can see it starting to shrink at the tips, I HATE Seche Vite with a passion, but my Out the Door is sadly running low). The formula was not the greatest, I had to do four coats on some nails to even everything out-it has the same issues as One Big Happy Fame-ily-thick, runny, and sheer. But so, so worth it.

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